THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR VISITING MY WEBSITE CREATIVE SURAJ FOLLOW ME FAST TO GET THE NEW UPDATES OF MY ARTICLES AND ALSO SHARE ABOUT IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILIES... How can you focus on a particular thing?When you reaches your teen age?My on experiences 2019? ~ Creative Suraj

How can you focus on a particular thing?When you reaches your teen age?My on experiences 2019?

How can you focus on a particular thing?When you reaches your teen age?My on experiences 2019?

Hello friends you are again most welcome to my website 'Creative Suraj'  so here I give tips on life,education,skills,poetry and technology so if you haven't followed me then follow me fast to get new updates of my articles and share with your friends and families about it if you want to make your life more beautiful and creative,so in this article we are going to talk about that how we can focus on a particular thing at the age when you reach teen age.

As we all know that when we all reach at the age of teen age then we all start getting distracted from our goals and dreams.So if I share my experience with you all is when I was in 8th class and till before 8th class I only use to think that I will become an IPS Officer and I will save this world from criminals and from to those people who all do bad things in this world and for this world,but when I reached at teen age then I started feeling to look smart and and I also started doing those things that my friends were doing like I started visiting places more and always tried to look smart but I forget that I also have to become an IPS Officer that was my dream and yes still it is my dream to becomes because when these things were happening with me then I was also aware that there is also my long term goal that I have to do and slowly I reduced doing these all things.

So let me tell you that if you are also facing like this in your teen age and you also feels angry on small small things then try to remember your long term goal.If I tell you that I am still in the age of teen age but now I am aware that if something like this is happening what next step I have to take.
If you were good at studies but now you don't feel to study then please do this thing which I am going to tell you and it is that if your mind is diversing and you feels angry and you don't feel to study any thing then just look once to the faces your mother and father and while looking at the faces just repeat the lines that why are you not feeling to study?I am sorry because I can't tell you the reason but must try it and after it you will feel very very motivated and you will really focus on your studies.

If you want to focus on your studies and you also feels very angry these days then just start doing meditation at least for 30 seconds but do regularly then you will start seeing the benefits of doing meditation.So if you do these both things than you will definetly start focusing on your studies.So I think that you all have understood that and if you still have any kind of doubt then always feel free to comment below this article.Thank you so much for reading this article...
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