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How to attempt a question paper right way?How much to write answer for 5 marks question? 2019 trick?

How to attempt a question paper right way?How much to write answer for 5 marks question? 2019 trick?

Hello friends you are most welcome to my website 'Creative Suraj' here I give tips on life,education,skills,poetry and technology so if you are interested then follow in fast and allow the notification bar to get the new updates of articles directly to your browser and also if you want to do something creative and make you life more creative and beautiful then follow and share it with your friends and families.So in this article we are going to talk about that how attempt a question paper in exam so that you can't miss any question and also how to write the answer in proper way and how much to write the answer.

So before starting I would love to say that wear watch and make your watch timing 10 minutes after the real time happening because from this you will increase your speed more and you will still 10 minutes with you in the end so you can check your paper again and again because from checking your paper you will find many mistakes also you should check always twice after your paper is done.So this was all about how to manage your time.

Once you get the question paper put your every thing down and close your eyes and breathe in and breathe out do this for 1 minutes only before see any thing in your question paper and then go through your question paper just read it but don't be panic if you don't know any question answer just cool down but read your question paper with little more speed then your usual speed.After your reading is done then do every one marks questions.Attempt each and every questions of 1 marks that you know because generally students leave it thinking that they will do in the end but what happens is in the end few minutes are left and they do the still long question.So don't become foolish attempt one marks questions first.

Start doing the questions from end because in end questions contains 5 marks.So do who all you know and keep it doing forward.After your questions are done that much you knew then now start picking each and every questions that you don't knew and try to remember about it.Something you will get in the answer so write it only but don't any kind of questions write there what ever is coming in your mind that time.

How much to write of a question???

So if the question contains 1 marks then you can write a single word answer or you can write in one sentence only.If the question contains 2 marks then write the answer in almost 3 sentences.If the question contains 3 marks then write the answer in 4 sentences and try to give an example with it.If the question contains 4 or 4 marks then write your answer in 8 to 9 sentences with an example.So if you all write this much then you will score good marks.So now I think that you all are clear with your doubts..

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